Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Since it is #TacoTuesday, lets TACO BOUT a simple way to help us in the kitchen.  Maybe you don't season your meat with a taco seasoning but I do.  AND when I season most any food I eat I usually go with MRS. DASH.  That lady has several flavors to go with just about anything you are cooking up.  If you aren't familiar with Mrs. Dash, all of their seasonings, blends, marinades etc… are always  SALT FREE!

Today at Target I looked at the difference between the taco seasonings of: McCormick, Mrs. Dash and 'reduced sodium' Market Pantry ( Target brand ) in the nutrition facts.  All are very much the same everywhere except a big difference in the sodium.  You aren't going to notice much of a difference taste wise but your body will thank you for it.  Plus, where you can cut out sodium in your diet, do it.

McCormick = 380mg

Mrs. Dash = 0mg

Target Reduced Sodium = 260mg

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