Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Natural Nut Butter Tip

Do you love natural nut butters but hate the oily mess?!  I have super easy method that I use to keep it blended that works every time.  Not even sure where I learned this trick but I'll go ahead and give credit to my sis.

And maybe you already know this tip but maybe you are still out there stirring that jar every time you open it up getting oil all over your hands and down the side of the jar, making a mess…..yes, that use to be me too.

I store my nut butter ( I prefer almond butter.  Good ol' Costco Kirkland brand ) in the refrigerator first of all, that is where it should be kept, WHY??  because once opened nut butters, especially the ones without added sugar, salt or preservatives are very able to go rancid on you.  The healthy unsaturated oils in nuts are also the ones that oxidize quickly when exposed to heat, light and air causing bad smell and taste.  Unless you eat a jar in a week then a week in the cupboard isn't going to hurt.

Ok, on to the trick of the no messy oil all over the place.  Place it in the fridge with the lid nice and tight UPSIDE DOWN.  That's it.  The oil that puddles at the top of the jar will work its way to the bottom.  It basically mixes itself.  You will have creamy smooth nut butter up until those last few bites.  THEN, you have a prefect opportunity for some overnight oats! 

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