Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Apples and PB.  Always a good combo.

I like to mix up:

1 TBS of PB2-powdered peanut butter

1 TBS of almond butter with almond milk to my desired consistency.

I dip apple slices in the PB mix.

And no my string cheese does not have mold on it…… that is Weight Watchers jalapeño String Cheese and it is my favorite kind of String Cheese.  I also go for Sargento Lite string cheese if I am at a different store.  I have only been able to find the Weight Watchers Jalapeño at Walmart.

The apple and string cheese combo is almost a daily snack for me.  I usually have it on-the-go.  The PB is just extra if I am home and have the time.

What is PB2??  It's the delicious PB flavor that I love without the calories and fat.  I am definitely not a girl against calories and fat, it's just nice sometimes to get the flavor without all the extra sometimes.  Other ways to use it: mix with plain greek yogurt and use it to dip fruit.  Mix with water or almond milk and drizzle over pancakes or waffles.  Throw it in your protein shakes.  
MMMmmmmm good!

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