Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The at "HOMER" Workout

The at "HOMER" Workout:  
GLUTES, ABS and CARDIO with a bit of ARMS

Which this can also be done in the gym, just add some DBs or BB to all the Squat exercises.  AND, if you workout from home and can add some resistance do.  If not, this workout will rock your world using just your Body Weight.

Go straight down the list doing each exercise for 60 secs.  When you finish repeat the list but this time do each exercise for 45 seconds.  Then FINALLY, do each exercise for 30 seconds.  THAT'S IT!

SO, all you need is a timer and a bench/chair/step/couch for Tricep Dips.

The only thing to be worried about is doing dips and push-ups for "X" amount of time.  I realize 60 secs can get a little rough!  SO HERE IS A TIP FOR THE DIPS--- when you do dips, the farther your feet are away from you, the harder they will be.  So start with the most challenging form for you…..then as the exercise becomes too much, bring those feet in closer to your body, this will lighten it up a bit.

HERE IS A TIP FOR THE PUSH-UPS….. IF you can, start out your push-ups doing them the good ol' "man" style way.  THEN, as it gets too tough, drop to your knees and finish it out doing "girl" style push-ups.  To get easier than that, you can do push-ups from your knees with your hands against a chair/couch or even stand and do them against the wall.

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