Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Don't be so serious

Yes my IG is strictly fitness.  Which I'm sure that's why a lot of you are here: to find new ideas, workouts, motivation, etc….You will never see anything non-fitness related- unless I wash my hair or find a good red lipstick.

AND, you will never see much of my family/kids ever, I have a personal IG where I share non-fitness things.  But if they can whip out some mean jump roping skillzzz, I will be posting that here loud and proud.

I lost a handful of followers today.  I even deleted comments that weren't necessary.  I'm not sorry that I strayed a bit from my usual strict fitness related stuff.  I guess my "Lawn Mowing" post today was just too fun for some to handle.…….   #keepingitREAL

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