Friday, May 29, 2015

35- Minute 'BEACHIN' Treadmill Workout

Here is another routine to add to your Sweaty Saturday.  This is week 4 of our #fithappensinsummer Sweaty Saturday which is mañana.

35- Minute 'BEACHIN' Treadmill Workout:

Adjust the speeds if needed.  Just make sure there is a difference between your run/jog and the sprints.  It should be a steady/comfortable run/jog and then a BURST to get your heart rate to climb.

On the warm up: you are incline walking, NO HANDS.  Set the incline at 10.0% and your speed fast enough that it gets your heart pumping, yet slow enough that you are able to do it without holding on.  The rest of the workout is done at 1.0% incline.  


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