Friday, May 8, 2015

the "Hang Up Your Flops" 30-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

Here is the first #sweatysaturday workout. See previous post for all the details.

the "Hang Up Your Flops" 
30-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout:

Who is fan of Flip Flops in the Summer?!?  My shoe collection is pretty much Flip Flops and Brooks.

So this workout might not seem like no big deal but doing HIIT/INTERVALS….. going from steady to a BURST is most effective for fat loss and fighting belly fat.


Your body will continue to burn calories after your workout has ended.  It's fighting to bring your body back to a normal state.  You just had it guessing on and off if you were going to cool down or amp it up.  BURN MORE CALORIES

You condition your heart to become bigger and stronger and able to take on sudden intense challenges.  Which is best for real world situations.

Your lungs become bigger and more powerful.  BUILD ENDURANCE

Interval training will make you a FASTER, STRONGER and BETTER runner.

and the BEST reason for me is that intervals are interactive and NOT BORING.  Time goes by much quicker.

So hang up your flops and try this workout.  You're running at a steady comfortable pace for 2 mins, THEN SPRINT as fast as you can for 1 min.  Do that cycle 8x.  AND reap all the benefits of Interval Training.

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