Sunday, May 10, 2015

The DL on Weight Training

Just a friendly reminder about them weights:

The easiest way to understand muscle movements is by the motion you must make to target and work that particular muscle or muscle group.  All weight lifting movements/motions are either called "PULL" or "PUSH" movements. "Pull" muscles contract as weight is pulled TOWARD your body.  "Push" muscles contract as weight is pushed AWAY from the body.

It is always smart to work the "pull" muscles on the same day and the "push" muscles on the same day because some movements complement one another.  For example: a bent over row will also use help from the bicep to perform the pull movement.  And a bench press will use help from the shoulders and triceps for the push movement. 

These are your "PUSH" muscles:

These are your "PULL" muscles:

I bet you can guess what kind of workout is coming maƱana….. Yes, a PUSH Circuit.  And a  PULL Circuit to come Tuesday morning with Videos for both.  So this week I will be providing circuit workouts for you to try.  Tag your friends/post your workouts/tag me!  Get after it.

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