Tuesday, May 5, 2015


If you are following along with my weekly workout post, here is the first workout that can be done  from home.  "SUMMERTIME WORKOUT" This could also be done in the gym with weights.

Everything can be done with bodyweight.

The only equipment you will need is a jump rope-- if you don't have one then choose a different exercise or jump in place.

You will also need a chair/bench/step for the Tricep Dips and Bulgarian Split Squats.  I have posted a video of both of those exercises.  As well as Pop Squats, High Knees, Lunge-Knee-Hops ( which be sure to do 10 reps like it says for BOTH legs ), Lunge Jumps and all Abs.  I can tag you if needed.

A video of Skaters- AKA 'Speed Skaters' and 2 versions of Leg Lift w/ hip Thrust is coming.

You will need a timer or be near a clock for the warm up and the ABS.

Do each Circuit 3x before moving on to the next Circuit.  ENJOY!!! 

All exercise videos can be found here:

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