Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week One: Winner-Winner

SURPRISE, SURPRISE @sassbucket you are my WEEK ONE #fithappensinsummer winner.  I randomly chose you to have this fun stuff!  Just my way to say Thank You for giving my workout a go but mostly for the support.

Enjoy a pair of @bombbassocks

Aladdin Mason Tumbler

EOS Lip Balm

iTunes Gift Card

Please email me your address:


Try ANY workout I post this week and let me know how it goes.  Either tag me, post it, share it, comment on my post, do whatever to let me know how it went.  

And P.S. Did you know that if your account is set to private, I can't see your post..... I can't see it even if you tag me in it.  So direct message me (that little white square box at the top right corner of your IG feed).

Show me you are getting fit.  Get HEALTHY.  Be HAPPY. #FITHAPPENS or #SHITHAPPENS you decide.

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