Friday, June 12, 2015


YOU GUYS!!!!!!  This is AMAZING!  Put your stubborn ways aside and SUPPORT and FOLLOW this man.  I PROMISE, you will get the chills following his journey as he performs FIFTY FULL IRONMANS in FIFTY STATES over the next FIFTY days……consecutively.  YES, you read that right.

He started in Hawaii and is currently in Flagstaff, AZ.  He has already knocked out OR, WA, NV, CA.   I will not be surprised if this story starts making it to the news.  INCREDIBLE.  Go check out his recent posts about his journey, you will be totally inspired.

@ironcowboyjames  is from Utah and will end his 50th there, my home state.  I am sure he will have a thousands of supporters cheering him in on that final FIFTY!  He may be coming through your state soon!

 #ironcowboy #fightthefight #505050

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