Thursday, June 18, 2015

What I ate and the Diet Industry

šŸ“What I ate for a day this week:

1) Banana Split Protein Shake
2) A few glasses of Suja -Mighty Greens
3) 2 eggs, 2 egg whites w/ tomatoes and spinach
4) Cafe Fresh Turkey Avo Wrap
5) 2 JalapeƱo String Cheese- Weight Watchers
6) Rice Cakes w/tuna mixed with Mrs. Dash and mustard
7) Greek Yogurt with slivered almonds and honey
8) Yogurtland
9) Good2Go Bar
10) JalapeƱo white cheddar popcorn and Salt 'n Vinegar almonds
and 128oz. of water

That is a lot of food!  And I am still not where I should be…… All that food without counting the Yogurtland Treatmeal was about 1850 calories.  60g of Fat.  160g of Carbs.  160g of Protein.  I also burned 600+ calories during my workout this morning. 

I know you all hear it……. 1200 calorie diets seem to be the magic.  It may be for some but it no way can be for ALL.  It's definitely not for my 5'9" frame working out 6 days a week.  Trust me, I have been on that 1200 calorie diet and all it did was allow me to gain weight right back and keep my stubborn fat more stubborn.

Lately I am trying for that second analogy…. 1200 calories, oh you mean Breakfast?! 

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