Friday, June 26, 2015

Killin it VS Getting Killed


????Do you ever eat rice, potatoes, breads, pastas etc,…. Not for EVERY meal but do you EVER even allow it?  REAL carbs and not just carbs from lettuce and veggies?  There is a difference in the energy you get from rice vs energy you get from broccoli.  Both are carbs, but one packs a punch!  

I put a low carb/no carb day to the test.  Along with a few other meals, I ate these 2 meals on different days at about 6pm.  Similar, although meal on the left contained ONLY chicken, lettuce and veggies.  Meal on the right also contained chicken, lettuce, veggies AND a portion of rice, black beans AND 2 small tortillas…… My workout to follow the next morning on both days was a WORKOUT: weight lifting, HIIT cardio, Active Rest!  I wasn't just going for a walk around the neighborhood.


The workout with NO carbs was the death of me, it OWNED me.  I had little energy.  I was glad when it was over.  Enough said!  The workout WITH carbs, didn't stand a chance!  I wanted more.  I could have kept going.  I was having fun.  I would much rather workout feeling alive vs feeling dead, I truly believe the carbs and extra calories fueled my winning workout.

Carbs are FUEL for your body.  Carbs must be present to burn fat.  Carbs here and there are NOT going to make you fat….they will give you the energy you NEED to actually burn MORE fat.  Carbs will make your workouts more enjoyable.  
THE END!    

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