Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Smoke Vault

I wanted to share my Lunch from today--Which was Left-Overs but not:

Ready to Serve- Minute Brown Rice

1 Tomato 

Fresh caught Salmon: then prepared and smoked in our smoker from the other day.

Smoked Salmon is absolutely DIVINE!!!  I have turned many fish haters into salmon lovers with my fisherman's homemade smoked salmon.  We keep it on hand as much as possible in the fridge.  No heating required once it is smoked.  Then you can just eat pieces like you would jerky. 

I could go into detail about all the health benefits from Salmon.  
But I'll just sum it up and say:

Only one food has the reputation from being a "brain food" and that is fish.  
Salmon is considered one of the World's Healthiest Foods packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.  

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