Monday, June 1, 2015

FAD diets

I'm sure a lot of us out there have done a juice cleanse/detox, a 30 day gig, a low this, a high that, no something for a month, etc.,  I know you all felt like a million bucks and probably saw the number drop upon completion but if that "diet" is not something you can see yourself maintaining for a few months even years down the road then recognize that early and STOP.

Yes, you will lose weight when the "X" days are up, but if you plan to go back to a NORMAL even a HEALTHY way of eating, get back on the scale 1-2 weeks later and see if it's still the same number!?!  Probably not.  You may be back where you started "X" days ago.  Our bodies are very smart and catch on to your tricks faster than you realize.  It NEEDS fuel to function properly.

A diet or "fix" should not have an end date, or do for "X" amount of days….. Even using some methods as a 'kick-start' to a balanced healthy lifestyle is not necessary or the answer to your problem.  Just start your healthy lifestyle right off the bat and start making changes from the beginning that will LAST, that you ENJOY and that you can MAINTAIN.  Work together with your body and everyone is happy.  Take something from it and I guarantee your body comes out on top when all is said and done.

A healthy diet including ALL food sources FOREVER along with WORKING OUT is how you do it.  It's how you set out to do what you were after in the first place when you started that "diet"  It's how you lose weight, lose fat and change your body the right way….. AND, it will last a lot longer.  I get that if you choose to not eat a certain type of food and are happy and plan to do so the rest of your life, then keep on keepin' on but just know if you ever decide to add something back in do so carefully and gradually.  I also understand, if it's not broke then don't fix it….. as long as you are TRULY happy then have at it.  However, when you take time educate yourself about food instead of just avoiding it, it does wonders for your body and the mind.  Workout, Eat Right and CHANGE Your Body!  Don't opt for a quick fix with non lasting results.  

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