Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Calorie Comparisons

Calorie Comparisons:  cardio machines ( which asked for my weight. That's it) vs my Polar FT4 which knows my sex, age, height and weight, even my dang birthday all while wearing chest strap that is actually catching my heart beats.

In the 1st pic, I am riding the bike. For all my bike knew, I could have been Lance Armstrong making this ride a breeze, no sweat shed.  I tell you what, the "random" setting on the upright bike at level 15+ always gets me huffing and puffing.

In the 2nd pic, I am on the Stair Master.  I do the "interval" setting.  

In the 3rd pic, I am on the Treadmill.  For this run I did my "20:45" Treadmill Workout.

1- 20:00 Bike: 40 calorie difference- I know that's not a huge difference but calories can add up very quickly.  You can find 40 calories in a small banana, an apple or 2 egg whites.

2- 20:00 Stair Master:  128 Calorie difference.

3- 20:45 Treadmill: 80 Calorie difference.

Lots of factors play a role in determining you caloric burn during a workout.  So when you are not asked your own personal specifics: sex, weight, height, etc., don't even bother!  ESPECIALLY, if there is not a way to detect your heart rate.  Like on my bike ride, I'm sure Lance A. would have a very low beat compared to me……but your cardio equipment doesn't seem to think so.  

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