Friday, March 27, 2015


Here is the full workout that I did with the Video I posted Wednesday morning.  And if you don't have access to a Hack Squat Machine, barbell step ups would be your next best option.

I called it the "Legs, Glutes and CARDIO" workout because it really does cover all three areas!  The exercises work your muscles and your heart!  They are mostly compound exercises meaning they need lots of help from multiple muscles to complete the task.  Your heart gets beatin' and trust me it LOVES it.

The Glute Bridges and Donkey Kicks will give you a bit of rest to catch your breath.  I am still throwing in those Swing Lunges 2x a week.  I can't get enough.

I have provided videos of all 6 exercises previously on my page!  You can search the hashtag> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on Instagram for all videos I have posted!  Happy to tag you as well.  Go have yourself a Leg/Glute Day!

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