Friday, March 13, 2015

Calorie Burner

I'm hooked on this "THE 20:45" workout!  You could throw this onto the end of one of your lifting workouts!  It goes by way too fast but does some damage!  It goes by so quickly for me that when I finished, I challenged myself for a ROUND 2.  

Here are two pics of my Calorie Burn after 1x thru and then after 2x thru.  It's a great, quick 20-minute workout that leaves you with a good sweat and a decent calorie burn.

If you need little more cardio, you could do this 2x through.  AND, since you are already warmed up when it comes to round 2, you could skip the 0:00-5:00 warm up and just start at the first SPRINT.  That will make 2 rounds of this take about 37 mins.

I posted "THE 20:45" last Saturday if you want to see the full thing.  So far I have had awesome feedback from ladies who have given it a shot.

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