Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Benefits of the SAUNA

Did you know that the average person sweats out about a quart a day.  You can pump out that much sweat sitting in a sauna in just 15 mins.  It's mostly just water but about 1% is a combination of salt and fat!  We sweat to regulate our body temperature and rid the body of waste products.  Yes, we ALL have toxins in our bodies that got there by our food, air and water.  It doesn't matter how pure your diet and lifestyle is, your body contains traces of toxins.

This picture is a screen shot of my phone I took sitting in the Marriott sauna post workout.  I was coming up on 10 mins and that happened!  Now THAT is a sauna done right!!

My FAVORITE thing to do after a workout is sit in the sauna.  I like to spend at least 10 mins in one post workout.

Many health BENEFITS come from sitting in a SAUNA:

Sweating Toxins out- as I mentioned above

Helps the HEART!  Your heart gets a gentle workout as the heat of the sauna dilates the capillaries and improves blood flow



Skin Conditions



And the sauna just feels AMAZING! Especially that one!

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  1. I was not aware it can target depression and skin conditions. This, I will be sharing with my wife and her family as they have a few issues with that. Going to the Sauna has always been very relaxing for me and I have drawn so many benefits from it. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

    Ronni Casillas @ JNH Life Styles