Monday, March 30, 2015

Current Ab Situation

Since it has been an Ab kind of day from me…… I trained abs today, I posted an ab workout, and a video of me doing my favorite abs all this morning.  Here is my current AB situation.  Minus the filter because without it I'm about as white as Olaf.

Speaking of my ab situation…… I do an ab targeting workout 1x per week.  A lot of the weight lifting exercises I do during the week involve my abs.  I like quick and dirty cardio, HIIT!  I don't neglect any one food group, I eat carbs.  I try to eat as decent as I can.  And I don't Party.  Instead, I like to party with Diet Coke and Yogurtland on the weekends #grandmastatus  We all choose how we like to indulge.

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