Monday, March 9, 2015



Don't be afraid to lift HEAVY on your Back exercises.  I don't think I can list 5 instances where someone has caught my eye in the gym, at the pool, a magazine, or in a tank top at the grocery store OR anywhere for that matter and thought…."WOW, she has a big back!" --in a "I don't want to get bulky" point of view that some women get when it comes to muscles.

I have seen very fit women in all those places with amazing arms, shoulders etc…. but a back definitely gets overlooked and rarely gets labeled as "bulky" compared to how arms and legs can get that rap.  So get after it on the backs exercises and challenge yourself.  You are STRONGER than you think.

In this workout you will hit many areas of the back.  Lats, middle back and lower (P.S. those hyperextensions will also hit your glutes & hamstrings, you have been warned). 

If you aren't sure what an exercise is, they can ALL be found on Google with videos or images.  I can tag you in seated cable rows, reverse grip pulldowns and hyperextensions if you are unsure of those, just ask in comments on my INSTAGRAM  Get familiar with the exercises you don't know tonight so that tomorrow you can get right to work.

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