Monday, March 23, 2015


Multi-Tasking and A NEW FAVE!!!

Back & Biceps like to work together.  I think of them like boyfriend girlfriend!  On this move the back (the boy) takes the bicep (the girl) out on a date!  Ok, I'll stop now!  I like to entertain myself while I lift.

Lay your chest against an inclined bench with your feet apart on the ground.  Holding DBs with your arms straight down and palms facing each other, do a DB row- pull the DBs and elbows to your sides and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Lower the DBs back down so your arms are straight and go right into a hammer curl.  Lift the DBs with palms still facing each other towards your shoulders and lower the DBs back to down to starting position.  That is one rep.  I am holding 15lb DBs.  10-12 reps.  3 times.

I really LOVE this one! By a 3rd set your biceps will tire out faster than your back and when that happens just perform as many rows as you can without the biceps to burn out the back.


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