Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another 5-Day Lifting Plan

Remember when I posted a weight workout every night for you to do the following day?  It was a very basic weight lifting, 5-Day plan?   I did it hoping to lift a load off your shoulders…. especially for those New Years Gym Goers.  Can you believe that was over 2 months ago?!?  

Well I want you all to keep going strong.  I have created for you another plan.  This week, MON-FRIDAY I got you covered.  However, I get to challenge you a little more this time and throw in 2 circuit workouts.…… I think that's fair, ha ha.  If you did all 5 workouts that I posted in January and liked it, you're going to like this plan even more!

HOORAY that you will not have to go to your gym wandering and wasting time about what you're going to do next.  You will have a workout plan to follow with reps and sets that looks like this:

MONDAY: Cardio & Abs Circuit

TUESDAY: Back & Biceps

WEDNESDAY:  Triceps & Chest

THURSDAY:  Shoulder & Ab Circuit

FRIDAY:  Lower Body

I will post the workout that is to be done the following day the night before.  Later on this evening, I will post up the MONDAY workout.  And it happens to be CIRCUIT 1 of 2 for the week.  We are just going to jump right in and get sweaty!

Tag your friends who might need a plan or tag and CHALLENGE someone to do all 5 workouts!  Hold someone accountable.  Influence health on someone!

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