Sunday, March 29, 2015


Happy Sunday to you, Happy Rest Day for me.  I have 3 workouts ready to go that require the use of dumbbells only!  I know not everyone can get in the gym 5 days a week AND I know some of you workout from home, so this should accommodate anyone who wants it.

MONDAY will be ABS, which may be a good day for you to add in Back and Chest since I don't count those muscles as part of an arm workout.  Or you could throw them in on the in-between days.

WEDNESDAY will be ARMS.  Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps.

FRIDAY will be LEGS.  My workout friends and I did this workout a Friday or two ago to test it out- (I like to test out workouts before I post them).  We all ended up sore.  I was sore but not holding onto to things to sit down.  Not hobbling up stairs like an old grandma.  It was the perfect touch, FOR ME!  Everyone will have their own outcomes.  I am just telling you my feels.  It's done with dumbbells only! 

You'll LOVE it.  We did!  

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