Thursday, March 12, 2015



So I may have not been very nice on this workout and gave you SUPERSETS (doing two exercises back to back with no rest between the two moves) that will get your legs BURNING…….but remember when we get uncomfortable, that's when the magic happens.  Change Happens.

PLYOS, are so so so good for the legs.  They are great cardio and leaning out exercises and are all done with body weight.  They really get burning when you pair it with a weighted exercise.  I do recommend holding weight on the swing lunges though.

You can go straight down the list 3x or do each superset 3x and then move to the next.

I have also shown every single exercise and superset via video in this workout! Hashtag Search>  "FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS" on INSTAGRAM 

If you can't find them ask in the comments on my IG and I'll help you out!  

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