Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Getting out of my Mom Jeans

**All 4 pics were taken within the same week**

There is something about getting out of my Mom Jeans and going to the gym each morning to push myself physically and mentally that just makes ME HAPPY.  I like to train for fun and for my health.  The endorphins that come with it are pretty cool too.  Grumpy to Happy in .06 seconds.

It's kind of crazy to see pictures of myself mid-exercise (bottom pictures) when the blood is flowing and muscles are pumped.  Then to see me standing there relaxed, at home, back in my mom jeans (top pictures) and knowing that under my layers, I have 11 years worth of making ME  HAPPY to show for it.  It's crazy what you build when you do something you love.  Fitness or Not.

I joined my first gym in 2004.  Muscles don't appear over night.  Yes, I could have gotten there faster, be bigger or be smaller, but every workout has been just for fun.  I don't have someone coaching me and I don't compete.  I don't have someone telling me what to eat.  I'm just rolling with it and whatever happens happens.  I do what makes ME HAPPY.  I do what I feel like doing and I sharing what I do.

AND---I feel comfortable and that you can TRUST me sharing workouts and training tips on social media, since I am ISSA Certified to do so! 

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