Sunday, March 8, 2015

MONDAY: Cardio & Abs Circuit

Here is MONDAYS workout.  The first of 2 circuits for the week


This one is similar to one of my favorite "cardio + abs" workouts from a previous post but I switched up all the exercises to give you more options.  Grab yourself a mat and lay it near a treadmill. 

 Complete each circuit 2-3x.  Then move on to the next circuit.  

If you aren't sure what an exercise is, they can ALL be found on Google with videos or images.  I can tag you in pop squats, scissor kicks if you are unfamiliar with those, just ask in comments.  Get familiar with the exercises you don't know tonight so that tomorrow you can get right to work.

This is totally optional, but if your gym has one, the dry sauna is heavenly to sit in after a workout.  I do at least 10 minutes (I posted great health benefits of the sauna last week you can go read about).  Go in as you are.  In your workout clothes.  Just grab yourself a paper towel that the gym provides or bring your own hand towel.  You will want one to wipe the sweat.  

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