Sunday, March 1, 2015

Next Months Body

Today is March.
A New Month.  
A Fresh New Monday, Tomorrow.  

I LOVE Mondays but to start off a new month with a Monday is AWESOME!!!  Take advantage of a brand new month.  Do not expect to see results from an upper body workout the next day, or see your butt lift 2 inches after a glute workout 6 hours later.  Don't do an ab workout and expect to see a 6-pack the minute you get up off the floor.  Or go a whole day eating healthy and expect to see 4 pounds gone.  IF IT WERE THAT EASY EVERYONE WOULD DO IT.  

It's not easy.  It takes hard work.  Most of all it takes PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.  But I promise, if you give an honest effort for the next 30 days, YOU WILL see the results from your hard work.  Take a picture now and again in 30 days to compare, you will see the results and you'll be hooked and then it just gets easier because it becomes something you constantly crave.

Make a commitment to make this month your month!  I love March.  It's a great month to kick it in gear to ENJOY all the results in the Summer months to come! 

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