Friday, January 29, 2016

3 ways to tell #3


Weight loss is individual to you!  You see something that says, "lose 10 pounds in one week!" A) red flags all over in that sentence.  So you're saying I'll lose 10 pounds and so will you?  I bet not.  🤔That is not reality.  AND, 10 pounds lost in one week is nothing but water weight.

All you're really losing is your energy and muscle mass. 1-2 pounds lost in a week is more ideal and legit.  Actual pounds that won't come back the second you go out on a weekend and enjoy dinner, a movie with popcorn and a little yogurtland to follow.

No one can guarantee you any amount of weight loss in a certain amount of time.  Your dieting results always reflect your individual efforts.  One person may start losing weight right away: a newbie to the dieting scene will lose weight quickly.  OR, someone who has dieted over and over may take a much longer time. It's you vs you with no end in sight or and not how fast you'll get there.

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