Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Which is better for weight loss

Which is better for weight loss?  And which gives you better long term benefits?  Strength Training.  THE END.

You may burn more calories per MINUTE doing cardio compared to lifting weights BUT you continue killing calories off after you set those DBs down.  And if you lift weights right, the cardio you can get from it is KILLER.

When you jog or do another form of cardio at a steady state, your body will adjust to get comfortable….unless you add some difficulty to it with inclines/resistance/speeds, but if you do that right, only 20-30 mins is all that is needed... A.KA. HIIT.  Keep it guessing.

When you lift weights your body responds much differently.  It needs help from all over to manage what is going on.  Lifting weights isn't very comfortable for your brain to comprehend.  It puts a lot of stress on the body as it tries to figure out a way to recover.  While it's trying to figure that out, you're burning extra calories on top of the calories you killed off during your workout.  ALSO, weights will change the shape of your body/muscles to give you that "toned" look.  Cardio doesn't shape muscles the way that weights can.

And bonus: your metabolism stays elevated for 2+ days after you lift as your body repairs the "trauma" done to your muscles.

Ok, so what if you like to do both and have time for both?  Which should you do first? ( post to come ) Please remember these are all My Thoughts.  My Opinions.  My Beliefs. #fithappens

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