Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is your diet working for you #2


If your diet does cut back on certain foods and you don't mind, then so be it.  Maybe because you want to reduce your intake of it or start eating less of certain things overall, is there still a flexibility aspect to it?  If you do go "off track" will your diet be ruined and will you feel discouraged?  It shouldn't be all or nothing.

For example: it's your kids birthday party….if your diet doesn't allow you to eat cake at the party OR have the occasional desert OR you're in Disneyland and you pass up on their amazing churros and diet coke…..  How will you feel during those moments?  We've all been there.  It's ridiculous and I freaking hate it.

Can you decide to eat something that maybe you are not eating all the time during a special occasion without feeling like "FREAK!!!  I blew my diet!"???  If that's the case, whatever you are doing is not sustainable.

Don't spend your life on these kinds of diets…….. Trying to claim Victory over your Willpower.  Restriction is the most common lead to binging and you will constantly live in that cycle of you don't change your thought process. 

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