Thursday, April 2, 2015

Plie Squat Shenanigans

If you are following along with the 3 workouts I have been posting this week, tomorrow is a Dumbbell LEG Workout!  You have Plie Squats on the agenda.  When you finish your 15 Plie Squats, I challenge you to hang on to your weight and do this.

Get down into the lowest point of your Plie and lift your heel off the ground, and pulse ( my videos are sped up so that you are able to see more reps, it is a slow pulse ) …….get in the zone and WIN that inner thigh battle.  Tell that stubborn inner thigh fat to DIE and where to go!!! When you are absolutely burning do 10 more pulses and go right into the other side, heel up.

I am holding a 45lb Kettle Bell.  A DB can be used too, just hold it the long way with 2 hands so you are able to squat low without the DB hitting the floor.

THEN, drop the weight and do Plie Frog Jumps.  Keep your toes turned out, squat low, touch the ground and JUMP.  Plie Frog Jump until you want to croak…LOL.  Ok, just get uncomfortable.   

AND P.S. if your foot/leg is shaking while you are pulsing, it's OK.  So was mine.  I hope I am posting the workouts this week early enough for the AM gym goers!  Let me know if you need it sooner. The  song!  The beat goes good with this exercise I think.  It's from the Dreamworks movie, 'HOME' -Rihanna.  

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