Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This workout goes with the video I posted this AM.

This Tricep workout was awesome! 4 exercises that left me sore, in which doing anything with my hair was a task.  Maybe you don't want that feeling or maybe you do……. At least you'll know they got worked.

Here is what I did this day:

Incline Barbell Tricep Extension ( AKA, incline BB skull crusher ) - I posted a video of this exercise earlier this morning.

Flat Bench Skull Crusher- Video has been posted a while back in my feed

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks- one arm at a time

Single Arm Lying Tricep Extension- One arm at a time.  Video has been posted a while back in my feed

Search Hashtag: FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on Instagram for videos.  I can tag you as well. 

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