Sunday, April 19, 2015

ActivE WeeK

Last week was successful.  Thanks to my Polar FT4 and Fitbit.  Seriously, these gadgets, ESPECIALLY my Polar, push me to have better workouts.  I would recommend a Polar to anyone.  I have love/hate feelings with my FB.…. I mentioned why in my "Polar VS. Fitbit" post on my blog.

I highly recommend you to set a calorie goal or a step goal.  It really does motivate you.  I found myself pushing harder in EVERY workout.  Pacing around more when I would normally be sitting or parking furthest from the store.  DO IT!!!!

My workouts are close to one hour or less including time to get set up.  I would have liked to log in more steps on my FB during the week but it was cold, windy, rainy and snowy.  Not much outside time was had.

Monday: Cardio + Abs --one of my previous posted workouts

Tuesday: Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps + 15 minutes of cardio = Steady State Running.  AND this workout was also posted but I changed it up just a bit.  I am posting it again for you soon and exactly how I did it.  One of my favorites.  You need to try it

Wednesday: Back + Active Rest + Ab Circuit.  15 minutes of cardio = Incline walking and sprints

Thursday: Arms + Abs + Legs + Cardio (only 2 rounds of a workout I have coming your way soon). I had exactly 20 minutes until I had to leave, so I went with the "20:45" treadmill workout.  Previously Posted

Friday: Glutes.  Had no time for Cardio.  But look at that calorie burn I got from only Weights

Saturday: SWEATY SATURDAY- I posted the, "a bit of EVERYTHING workout" 

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