Wednesday, April 1, 2015


3 TIMES THROUGH ARMS: I posted a video last week of Zottman Curls, to my INSTAGRAM in case you are unfamiliar with that exercise.

Dumbbells (DB) only will be needed and a bench, stair, a chair, the back of a treadmill etc…. for those bench dips.  Challenge yourself on those dips and place a DB on your lap while your do them for some extra resistance.

I recommend doing your first round while your muscles are fresh and strong with the heaviest weight, yet good form, that you can do but still getting in all 10-15 reps.  THEN, come the 2nd and 3rd round you can drop the weight a few pounds if needed when you are struggling to reach all the reps.

Add in some ACTIVE REST after each round if you are feeling sassy! 1 minute of something that gets your heart rate up Or choose 2 active rest exercises and do each for 30 seconds.

We have made it to mid-week guys!!  Keep on keepin on. 

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