Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Triceps and Shoulders


I'm sure you all have seen and done the Tricep Extension I am showing in the video.  This exercise is one we tend do standing most of the time, well for me anyway.  I like to confuse my muscles and sit down every now and then on exercises that can be done standing.  Sitting makes any upper body exercise harder because your legs are not there to help out.

Keep your elbows close to your head and holding the DB with your  palms facing up.  I like to lower the DB behind my head until I feel a good stretch in my triceps and then extend.  Your upper arms should not move, only the forearms.  12-15 reps.  3x.  I am using 20-25lbs DB.


This is my actual pace in the video.  It's done very slow and controlled.  Raise the DBs up until your arms are straight above your head and then slowly resist, on the way back down to the front of your legs.  This could be an actual set done 3x for 10-15 reps or you could do a shoulder workout and throw this in at the end for a burnout set.  I am holding 15lbs.

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