Monday, April 6, 2015

Curtsy-Squat-Squat Jump Combo

Getting right after it on a MONDAY.


I had a BLAST on this one!  This combo will have your legs burning and your heart pumping.  JUST DO IT, changes happen when you get uncomfortable.

I am using a 30lb BB.  Start with feet shoulder width apart and perform a Curtsy Lunge.  Bring that lunging leg back to starting point and do a basic squat but instead of just standing up from the squat, JUMP and go back down into a squat, THEN you can stand AND then you repeat.

Do all Curtsy's to one side.  THEN, take time to catch your breath.  THEN do the same for the other side.  So its >>>> Curtsy TO Squat TO Jump TO Squat.  That is one rep.  10 reps each side 3 times.

Curtsy Lunges are a great exercise to work outer thighs.


This one is a CORE fighter as you work to keep your balance!  Once you get it figured out and get in the groove you can roll with it.

As you can see in the video, it takes me a second in the beginning to get my balance and hang of it but once I got it, I got it.

Perform a forward lunge and when you push yourself back up, bring your knee up with you.  Then go right back into a forward lunge….make it a smoooooth transition. 

You are working your abs something fierce on this move.  I do actual ab targeting exercises about ONCE a week, because I work my abs in other ways doing stuff like this. 

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