Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Bit of EVERYTHING Workout

"A bit of EVERYTHING" workout:

…..because it covers a bit of everything!  Walking, Jogging, Sprinting, Inclines and resting.

OK, before I lose you, please know these were my speeds and my inclines.  ADJUST speeds and inclines to your liking.  Don't make it too easy because trust me, this one is over before you know it.  The time frames are there to guide you, BUT please know you can adjust speed/incline to your level.

The first 22:00 mins are done walking and with NO HANDS!!!  This is the HARDEST part of the workout so we get it out of the way first.  Incline walking with no hands is no joke.  T.O.U.G.H.

Then starts your HIIT:

1 mins at 3 different speeds for 5 rounds (15 mins ).  Walk. Run. Sprint.

Then a little time to catch your breath after that last Sprint.

FINISHING off with 8 rounds of Tabata Style Cardio: 4 minutes and you are done

20 secs on/ 10 secs off.  Push yourself HERE!  You are only sprinting for 20 seconds.  Then with your feet at the sides of the treadmill, rest for 10.  Repeat.


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