Monday, April 20, 2015

RE-Do of Sculpted Arm Workout

I did this workout again last week and I forget how it's TRULY one of my FAVORITES!!!  It's not as easy as it looks.  By round 2, I was searching for 10s and 8s on the DBs.  I started with 20s, 15s, 12s.  

                                                       Sculpted Arms Workout:  

Only Dumbbells are needed.  I did 2 rounds to save time for 15 mins of cardio at the end.  Which put my workout to 1-hour including set up and rest.  I burned 631 calories.  I have posted a video on my instagram of Half Curls and Overhead Extensions.

THIS TIME however, I did the first round exactly like the workout says…. with one set of active rest that is done after the lifting.  I jump roped.

On the second round, I did 1-minute of Active rest after each muscle group was complete.  So I did the shoulder set and then did 30 secs of Jumping Jacks and 30 secs of High Knee Run.

Following the Tricep set, I did 30 secs of Pop Squats and 30 secs of lateral lunges w/ a tuck jump in between each lunge.

Following the Bicep set, I did 15 sec of jump squats, 15 secs of lunge jumps, 15 sec of jump squats and 15 secs of lunge jumps.  That combo is KILLER on the legs!  Try this workout.  

Guaranteed love for this workout when you get done. 

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