Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Body Weight or Dumbbells + Cardio

HOO-RAY for Wednesday!  Here is a mid-week Lower Body + Cardio workout you can give a go in the gym or from home.

This one is done with body weight or dumbbells which I just hold at my side on all exercises except for Donkey Kicks, the weight goes behind the knee AND all Pulsing Squats, I let the DBs hang in front of me.  I then drop the weights to do the cardio exercises.  

It has you doing an exercise for the Lower Body ( dark grey ) and then you will follow it with a little burst of Cardio ( light grey ).  THAT'S IT!  

Rest as needed.  

Complete as many rounds that you have time for.

And yes, SORRY it does say BURPEES and not SLURPEES.  But ONLY 8 of them.  I can handle 8.  When you finish this workout, THEN go get you a Slurpee!  

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