Saturday, April 4, 2015

100 Floor Challenge

I've done the #100floorchallenge before but was challenged by an instagram friend to do it.  I was sold on the "gang sign selfie" that I could throw up after I was done.

I love a challenge.  It makes things fun and exciting.  It pushes you to be better.  It makes you work toward a goal instead of aimlessly sweating away.  That's exactly why I accepted the challenge.  I also wanted to beat my last time of 15 mins.  And call me crazy, but I LOVE Cardio. 

Challenge complete!!  

100 floors climbed  

TIME: 12:50

 It was a perfect fit for my #SWEATYSATURDAY

If you love those dang stairs, I  "Mustache" you to give the #100floorchallenge a try.  This could also be something to work towards if you can't make it under the 20:00.  Don't give up if you don't make it.  Get after it the next day.  If you miss it, try it the next.  Don't stop until you're proud! And don't forget to throw down that 100 "gang sign" when you get it.  Sorry for the goofy-ness, I had to do it since that was the most awkward timed selfie I have ever public.

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