Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bombas Sock Review

So here is my review of @BOMBASSOCKS  and to be honest, they are definitely not an average pair of socks!

First, I couldn't have asked for a better person than my husband to test these socks out with me.  To say he NEEDS good socks is 100% truth.  He can't just wing a pack of Champions from Target like I can.  

My hubby is on his feet all day with his line of work and around lots of dust/chemicals/sprays/paints.  He literally has to pick and choose his shoes for the day based on what he has lined up at work.  Whether he needs to wear boots to keep the dust and chemicals out or tennis shoes to let his feet breathe.  Basically his feet are never happy.  Which is why we have this stuff on hand…..

Because of his work his feet get really sweaty and stinky.  He also battles athletes foot here and there too… ( good thing he is so damn sexy from the ankles up ).  He also works out, coaches baseball and plays softball with friends for fun and competitively whenever he gets the chance.  He is a very active and on the go person.  Finding socks he can be happy with has been so-so.

We have tried everything from Lululemon socks to Running store socks to Sporting Good store socks  to Target socks.  When he got home from his first day in his Bombas he said, "these Bombas are the first socks that my feet have ever stayed dry in."  I know this is gross and I would never let him but then his next statement was, "like I could wear these exact socks again tomorrow….smell em'…." um, no thanks!  But that's awesome Honey.

He swears by their comfort too.  And said Bombas are the perfect thick to thin ratio.  He doesn't like his socks to be thick and bulky feeling either.  Can you tell he is kind of a sock snob, but his poor feet, so we do everything we can to make him comfortable.

This is honestly not even all of the brands we have tried.  All these socks were bought because they claim to be "dry, cool, moisture wicking, breathable" etc.,  He also has Nike and Brooks (not pictured). 

So basically he NEEDS more Bombas yesterday and he really really wants to add their calf socks to his collection like this guy:

Jordy Mercer of the @pittsburghpirates 

My experience with the socks have me impressed.  I however, do not get sweaty feet usually when I spend an hour or so working out, so finding socks to stay dry in have never been my issue.  When I spend more time in socks doing something active or going on an outdoor run or just being in them all day  etc., I think its normal for my feet to sweat a little bit.

I am not a picky person!  I have been content with my Champion socks bought in a bulk pack from Target.  And like I said in first post, I do have a few pair of Experia running socks that I save for days I know I need some better lovin' on my feet.  I remember the first time I wore Experia socks and I never believed that socks could actually make a difference but THEY DO!

So comparing Bombas to my Experia Socks, I tell you what, I noticed a big difference in the support around the arch of my foot right away.  It really feels like there is a band of protection there.  It felt snug.  That would be the 'Honeycomb Support System' feature in the sock.  They designed it that way because the arches of our feet need the most support.

I also noticed just how comfortable they were instantly.  It wasn't overwhelming thickness but my feet felt like they were in clouds.  And the Blister Tab, LOVE!  It's just nice knowing it's there and you don't need to worry about your sock slipping and your skin rubbing against your shoe mid run or workout.
No blood shall be shed on my beloved Brooks! LOL.
No, but seriously!

And Just because I love this idea, the stitched in mantra on the inside of every Bombas, 'BEE BETTER' it's such a great way to approach every aspect of every day life.  

They did shrink after I first washed them.  But never again after another wash.  They didn't shrink enough that I would need a bigger size to start.  I would still keep with the same size before and after a wash.  They actually seemed to fit better after a wash.

I was also hesitant about the bright colors bleeding on to other things in my wash.  So I washed all our grubby old white socks with them and everything turned out just fine.

I really do like these socks.  I definitely need more pairs in my drawer and I will be tossing my cheapy Champions from Target.  Socks really do make a difference.  Who would have thought?  Socks use to just be socks to me.  Until I sucked it up and paid the extra money ($15) for a pair of 'Experia' socks after my sister gave me my first pair.  When I wore the Experias, I realized all socks should not be created equal.  So I added 2 more pair to my collection and literally saved them for my rougher workouts and wore my champions on the in between days.

Then I got sent these Bombas and was convinced that my feet DESERVE that feeling ALL THE TIME.  I can't just treat my feet well on my rougher days.  My feet need Bombas on them for every workout.  FOR REALS!  They are AMAZING!

The Bombas team have done their research on what makes a great sock for an active lifestyle.  They have come up with these features an athletic sock MUST have:

Long Staple Pima Cotton- Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer with natural moisture wicking properties.

( Which I was able to really put this feature to the test.  I did my first outdoor run last Sunday of 7 miles running and 1 mile walking.  I took my shoes off immediately post run and my feet were dry.  Not too hot or cold and circulation was flowing).

Performance Footbed

Stay-up Technology- on their calf socks

Blister Tab

Y-Stitched Heel

Honeycomb support System

Invisitoe- no annoying bump from toe seams

And they have a color to match just about any pair of shoe out there.

The pink are my fave then I would have to say the teal blues.  I love that they come in grey for an option.  Grey is my favorite color of clothing to wear.  They even have multi color and more colors on http://www.bombas.com  They are all just so fun!

I wish I had a pair to send out to everyone to try.  I liked them that much…… and maybe one day I will be able to send out a few pairs to some lucky ducks!

In the mean time get yourself some and the whole family, kids too with my 20% OFF discount code:


…and when you buy 2 or more your order ships free.



  1. I have had to try and find relief from foot problems for a long time. I have purchased several pairs of Bombas and my search for pain relief is over. Thanks Bombas.

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