Thursday, September 11, 2014

VS Ultimate Yoga Leggings

When I find something great and that I LOVE I always feel I should share it along.  Thanks to my big sis for introducing me.  These Victoria Secret Ultimate leggings from their 'PINK' collection are AMAZING!  The fabric first and foremost is the best part, they are sturdy, hold you in and are flattering on, I love the thick waist band( I like to Steve Urkel my workout pants) which the waistband also has a little pocket, they feel a lot like LuluLemon pants but don't cost $92-$118+ dollars. They are 1/2 the price and I like them on me better than lulu's- ( I own 1 pair of lulu pants and I even get a discount in this store. The pair I own were on the sale rack that still cost more than than the full price of the Ultimate Leggings.  Lulu pants just do not look good on me and that's ok because I actually like these ones a lot better).  Pink has several 'Yoga' type leggings, crop pants, etc....and these are not the ones I'm talking about!  They are the 'ULTIMATE YOGA LEGGING' they need to say ULTIMATE.  They have many different colors, prints and some are even reversible!!

I'm so bummed, last weekend I ordered me another pair (the picture in the bottom right) and now they are running a promo thru Monday which is a FREE perfect legging Tee (your choice in color) with any Ultimate yoga purchase, CODE: PINKYOGA14.  In this picture I am wearing a size Small.  I also own a medium.

For Utah peeps they just opened up 'PINK' store in the Southtown mall off 106 south. It's not in Victoria Secret.  It is its own store💗 go try some on!


  1. how is the fir of the medium one? is it lose?

    1. I own several pairs of these, they are amazing! I would say they run a little big. If possible you should go try them on to get the best fit.

  2. Awesome leggings! Need to have some mesh leggings for me and my cousin as we are joining aerobic classes soon. Have been looking for them since last week but not finding good store where will get best quality. Will check for an online store.

  3. I am trying to figure out the difference between pink ultimate leggings and PINK ultimate yoga leggings. Are the ultimate yoga leggings something you should wear running, or do they have a softer feel, almost like cotton, but not.

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