Friday, September 26, 2014


I LOOOOOVE cardio!  A lot of people do not like it.  I love to lift first and then I can't wait to start cardio.  I don't do long 45-60min steady cardio, hardly ever.  Occasionally I will do 20-20-20 on three different cardio machines and play around with resistance, speeds, miles and inclines but never just hop on a treadmill or stair master and go steady for an hour.  I like the fast and out of breath challenging kind… me CRAZY!  But it just does goodness for my soul, LOL!


Incline 10.0%-Speed 3.5mph- 1-minute walk

Rest 30 secs. Leave incline at 10.0% and set speed to run

Run at your speed for 1-minute

Rest 30 seconds.  Leave incline and set speed to 1.5-2.0

Lunges for 1-minute

Rest 30 seconds- leave incline and increase speed to shuffle

Side shuffle left at a speed you can handle for 30 secs. (stay low)

Rest 30 seconds

Side shuffle right at a speed you can handle for 30 secs. (stay low)

Repeat the circuit as needed.


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