Sunday, September 21, 2014

50th Olympia…..I flexed with Chady Dunmore :)

My trip to Las Vegas was fabulous!  I attended the BIGGEST bodybuilding show expo of the year.  It was more than I imagined!  I didn't even get through the whole expo in 2hours before I had to be a good wife and leave to catch my husbands Softball game.  He played in the Worlds Softball tournament in Vegas and it just happened to be the same weekend of the "O."  In the 2 hours I was there with over half the booths that I still did not get to visit, my goodie bag was so heavy that I ended up carrying it out to the car like a baby in my arms to relieve my fingers.  I got a whole bunch of samples, bottles, drink and shirts/tanks.  So fun!! I saw a lot of fitness people I have followed for years who motivate me and inspire me to keep on doing what I love.  I got to see my favorite Amanda Latona and others.  The only gal I did not get to see and only because she was absent was Ashley Horner!

and then this happened…….   

I FLEXED in the IAMFITMISS booth with one of my most favorites…. CHADY DUNMORE!

You can follow her for motivation and inspiration on her personal IG @chadyd

Find her and Ashley Horner over on @foreverfitmoms

And my most favorite account where Chady post several workouts daily can be found on @iamfitmiss

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