Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back & Tricep Circuit

I combined those trouble areas of our backs and triceps and put them into a circuit workout for you.  I tried this out this morning and it is good to go.  

Do each exercise in the circuit for reps of 12 back to back, back and forth.  No breaks, get the heart rate up.  Until you have done each exercise in the circuit 3 times.  

Before moving on to the next circuit, choose one of the cardio bursts to really get your heart rate soaring and then take a minute to recover and come back to normal breathing.  And on to the next circuit you go.

I finished up with a little run on the treadmill before I had to get out of their and back home for the daily school grind with the kiddos.  I burned close to 700 calories on this one!


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