Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How does the treadmill even know?!

I just wanted to show you that the cardio machines we use are not accurate.  I never rely on the cardio machines to tell me my caloric burn or heart rate.  This picture is from my Saturday morning workout.  My polar FT4 watch told me I burned 394 calories and this treadmill told me I burned 542 calories ( a 148 calorie difference) without even asking my height, weight, heart rate zone, if I was male or female etc....  All of those factors play an impact on calculating accurate numbers.

This treadmill had no idea if I was a track athlete which made this run a breeze to complete with minimal effort ( low heart rate ) or if I have never worked out a day in my life and It was a major struggle to complete it ( high heart rate ). ALSO, the treadmill had no idea when I rested my feet to the sides to take some drinks and catch my breath a little…..hmmmmmmm!!!  

I love my polar watch.  It knows everything about me and that makes it close to accurate.  It actually has a band around my chest that is catching the beats from my heart.  It knows when I am working hard and when we are resting.  It knows my height, weight and knows I am a girl.  I would recommend a heart rate monitor watch to anyone.  Particularly this polar FT4.  It is not expensive and very easy to use.  I got mine from Amazon.

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