Thursday, August 20, 2015


a little #TBT to my weekend workouts without a gym for miles and nothing but dirt.
All you need for this one is a TIMER and some drive to WANT a good workout.  Trust me, you'll be loving the way you feel when this one is over.  You can do this in a gym and add weight if you want.  I did this in the dirt with nothing but myself.

1 round at 60 seconds for each exercise in the list.  THEN, repeat the list but doing exercises this time  for 45 seconds.  And FINALLY, a round for 30 seconds per exercise.

Just a littleFYI on ALL of my workouts.  I never throw exercises down in any random order and say have at it.  I put them in a certain order for a reason and a purpose.  I like HIIT style workouts.  Raise the heart rate and then let it relax a bit, repeat.  I also like to burnout muscles where I can.

For example: Squats followed up with Squat Jumps and the same for Lunges and Lunge Jumps...Those kind of combos are killer.

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