Monday, August 31, 2015

Bench Workout 1


BENCH WORKOUT 1:  YES, I have lots of fun workouts coming your way from my backyard to yours.

No equipment needed for this one but your Bod and a bench or even a chair works.

A couple ways to do this workout:

A. Perform each move for 30 seconds.  Rest before starting the next move.  Try not to rest for longer than 1 minute.  Don't forget to work BOTH sides on one sided moves.  When you have done them all, rest completely.  Let your Heart Rate come back to steady.  This is HIIT style training and the best for overall fat loss.  Then repeat.  At Least 5 rounds is ideal and no more than 10 is necessary.


B.  Do each move with set reps.  12 is a good number.  Rest the same as described above.  Repeat each  move 5-10 times.  Bench Workout Part 2 is to come soon.


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