Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Balls

We are talking BACK today, since I posted a BACK selfie this morning.

Ok, in all seriousness, let me introduce you to my balls…..LOL.

About a month ago, I noticed my low back was tight and giving me a lot of grief even just to sit.  So after a deep (painful) tissue massage, my back felt AMAZING!  After that I knew I needed something deep like that massage that I could do every day on my own to get my back to feeling good again.

My foam roller is fabulous but getting deep in that low back area along your spine is hard to get to on a foam roller.  These 2 tennis balls have been giving me lots of lovin'.   I have been rolling on them before every workout and my back has improved to almost 100%.  I did start with golf balls in a tube sock…..holy DEEEEEEP and painful, if you can hack it.

I lay on the floor and place my low back right over the T-balls, so they are rolling up and down both sides of my spine.  Tightness is about gone.  Feels soooooo good.  In case anyone is having low back issues, try it out! 

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